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The Different Patch Types Available There are various reasons why..

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The Different Patch Types Available

There are various reasons why you might consider adding patches to your clothes and they are popular with the youths today. Some of the ways you can get a patch is by making it yourself using some piece of fabric, you can also purchase one that is pre-made from stores that sell them, or request a custom design for yourself. It is possible to add patches to almost any type of clothing hence you free to add patches to your clothes. Among the various uses of patches, most youths will use patches as a way of decorating their clothes such as jeans and generally for enhance the appearance of their clothes.

Sometimes your favourite clothing can develop hole, while every other part is just okey and since you might not be prepared to lose your piece clothing due to a hole, you can add a patch to cover up the hole. Military uniforms usually have patches which can differ from one unit to another hence distinguishing the units and they don’t decide at a personal level the design they want but are instead controlled by the respective guidelines. Since patches are commonly made of fabric pieces, there are various types of patches and different ways of adding them to the desired piece of clothing. Embroidered patches re among the most popular type of patches and almost everyone had seen them are they are available in caps, most school uniforms, jackets and much more. The different embroidered pieces are made with varied percentages which has an implication on the texture of the patch.

Printed patches is the other type of patches available and are made by printing a design, image, or text into a blank piece of clothing. The number one advantage of printed patches is the freedom of color choice and the chance to use multiple colors as there are no color limitation, hence they are very suitable when you require multicolored patch design and the printing takes less time compared to other types of patch making methods. Another common type of patch is the name patch which you will most likely see it on the work clothes of staffs as a way of identifying them and some have the company’s name instead. Such patches don’t involve a lot if design work hence they are generally affordable and easy to make and a company company can choose to either buy them as blank patches or finished customized products.

When required in large numbers and the design required is not the same for all the patches, the patches can be bought in large amounts as blank patches for later customization and processes such as embroidery can be used to customize them.

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