Understanding Pond Fountains

Any small pond will require a certain amount of aeration..

Understanding Pond Fountains

Any small pond will require a certain amount of aeration to keep the plants and fish living in it healthy. For those who are using their ponds for decorative purposes, floating pond fountains provide a perfect solution for both reducing algae and foul odors and improving the appearance of their ponds. Read on to find out more about commercial and residential pond fountains.

The Benefits of Pond Fountains

Pond fountains are beneficial to both the pond itself and the landscape surrounding it, as they introduce water into the air while simultaneously providing a dynamic visual appeal that would be absent with a traditional aerator. The aeration provided by pond fountains can prevent water from becoming stagnant, which can help to reduce insect populations and algae alike. The increased oxygen levels that result from installing pond fountains can also significantly improve the habitat, allowing fish populations to grow and thrive.

Types of Pond Fountains

Decorative fountains range from a few feet in height to more than 20 feet. They often come with a variety of interchangeable spray nozzles, allowing property owners to choose different spray patterns. Pond fountains specifically designed for aeration purposes move a higher volume of water by spraying in a V-shaped pattern instead of a decorative pattern, making them a better choice for those whose primary goal is to provide a healthy ecosystem rather than to improve visual appeal.

Buy From a Trusted Brand

There are several manufacturers of pond fountains that have really made a name for themselves as providers of high-quality goods. These include the Wisconsin-based Kasco Marine, Otterbine, and Easypro. Easypro specializes primarily in small-scale fountains, making it the perfect choice for residential property owners who want beautiful pond fountains at low prices.

Choosing a Fountain

Be sure to consider the size, shape, and depth of the water feature when choosing a fountain. Aerating fountains are designed for ponds that are less than six feet deep and relatively regular in shape. For larger or deeper ponds, it’s a good idea to include an additional aeration system to complement the pond fountain and ensure there is enough oxygen being introduced into the water.