Tips for Choosing a Fountain Pump for a Pond

Homeowners with ponds on their properties can install pumps which..

Tips for Choosing a Fountain Pump for a Pond

Homeowners with ponds on their properties can install pumps which add oxygen to water and reduce algae growth. Pumps may also be used to create pond fountains that add elegance to properties. Suppliers offer a wide range of pond fountain pumps that can be used alone or in combination, to keep water healthy and create unique effects. Customers generally determine the volume of water involved and then narrow down to their choices by pond size and the efficiency required for their uses.

Submersible Pumps Are Ideal for Small Ponds

Suppliers often recommend submersible pumps for ponds ranging in size from 200 to 2000 gallons. Many customers use submersible models when they want to create eye-catching waterfalls. These models offer flow rates between 120 GPH and 24,000 GPH. The higher flow rates are usually required for bigger waterfalls. The ideal pump circulates all pond water within an hour. Various manufacturers offer a range of submersible pumps that include low head, high head, horizontal and dirty water models.

External Pumps Work Well With Larger Ponds

Homeowners who have pumps that are 1,000 gallons or bigger often opt for external pumps. They are more energy efficient than smaller models when handling large volumes of water. External pumps can handle a great deal of water flow and are often ideal for medium sized to very large ponds. They also work very well with biological filters. Suppliers offer a variety of models. They include low head, high head, 2 speed, self-priming, variable speed and high flow pumps.

Centrifugal Pumps Are Popular

Many customers choose centrifugal pond pumps when they want something that is reliable, powerful and easy to maintain. Centrifugal pumps are never submersible. They are sold in a variety of models that differ in voltage and size. They are popular among homeowners who need high volume pumps that are easily accessible. Clients generally choose them according to performance needs and suppliers offer performance charts that help them decide.

Residential pond pumps are often used to create fountains which keep water clean, oxygenated and algae free. Many homeowners also use pumps to create add elegant effects. Pump suppliers offer a wide variety of models for ponds of every type and size.